Encouraged commitment to action lasting personal growth, development and change, setting appropriate goals, with effective and easy ways of assessing progress, ultimately supporting achievement of both lifestyle and career aspirations.


Julie has a unique ability to make everyone feel at ease, her coaching style feels natural, like friends talking over a problem. She listens tentatively, often as I ramble on about the latest problem or challenge I encounter, and then through probing questions helps me to focus on the real issue. Julie’s insight she guides me to find a solution or action.Since being coached by Julie I have grown in confidence, for the first time I believe I can succeed in whatever I put my mind to, thanks to Julie’s passion in helping me develop and her belief in me.


Julie loves helping people develop and succeed, she is passionate about what she does and this is evident in her full commitment she gives in every coaching session.The value of Julies support goes way beyond the coaching session, often when I find myself in a challenging situation I think what questions would Julie ask, this helps me to focus and deal effectively with the latest challenge.


Julie has a way of bringing out the best in people-building their confidence.Helping every individual to recognise their own strengths and weaknesses.Never tells- always discusses, probes, looks at a problem with both the business and people in mind.

Julie and I worked together for more than 6 years. During this time, I had responsibility for the organisations Learning & Development agenda. Included within our portfolio was business/personal coaching and mentoring. The service was available to all staff and where ever possible we used internal coaches and mentors to provide the support. After an initial consultation, my role was to match coachee's with coaches. Julie was the obvious choice for most of the requests. Her ability to "properly" understand the issues, to get to the root cause and to constructively challenge, encourage and resolve is outstanding. To put it in its’ most simple terms - Julie "get's" people, and perhaps more importantly, people "get" Julie.


Julie Houlder is a person that I aspire to be. A person who always takes the time to offer support, in whatever that might look like for a person.Julie will always ask “is there anything I can do?” and has a great skill of being able to get you to change your own way of thinking.  She has the ability to encourage you to come up with your own solution to what may have initially seemed impossible or make what felt like an in achievable task achievable.  She is able to do this by getting you to dissect your own thought process through asking you key, thought-provoking questions.  This ultimately results in you having a ‘light bulb’ moment and finding the answer yourself.  Julie is a person who builds confidence through believing in you and pushing back to you, to develop and build on your own abilities.  She is a person who praises and re-affirms decisions that have been made when at times there may have been personal doubt.  She has a wonderful approach in that if a mistake has been made, she will acknowledge this but then move on to focus more on what can be done to put things right and continually be supportive throughout.  She has the unique ability to be able to provide clarity, allowing yourself to come up with the answers when you may have initially felt like you had hit a brick wall.

Julie’s approach to deal with issues as and when they arise and not shy away from difficult conversations has very much learnt her the respect from her peers.  She is a woman with an open mind-set, a calming aura and has a fun, sociable personality.   She is very open and fair with whomever she engages with and a fantastic trait is that she is able to put herself in other people’s shoes and see things from different perspectives.

The one phrase that will live on that I have taken from Julie whenever I am dealing with a difficult situation is……” I need to understand the why?”


As an L&D professional, I fully appreciate the value of high quality coaching conversations - I understand how they can drive performance, improve career progression, aid retention and deliver resolution to difficult and challenging situations. When I find myself in need of some sound advice, it is Julie that I turn to. She has a natural ability to see the bigger picture, to understand the wider issues, she effortlessly helps you to find clarity when confusion prevails. She untangles tricky and complex issues and turns them into practical manageable solutions.

It's so very difficult to sum up the respect I have for Julie and what she has bought to our organisation, and to me personally. What is blatantly apparent when someone holds the qualities of a counsellor, the abilities of a business mentor and the commerciality of a finance director, and then is not afraid to let these qualities loose, you can expect positive, tangible outputs that deliver real business and personal impacts.